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Social Media For Pet Businesses

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Social Media for pet businesses

“I worked with Hairy Dog Marketing for a short while just to get some good pet-specific marketing advice and guidance. Rachel’s initial free report was interesting and very useful and she gave me some good ideas for new projects and promotions. Her experience in running social media for pet businesses proved invaluable. She ran a successful competition for us on the platform “Gleam” which I had never used before, helped get us started with instagram and her advice about SEO has helped us to improve our rankings in Google. I would definitely recommend!”
Pam Edwards, Owner of Kitty Litter Box

About Kitty Litter Box

Kitty Litter Box is a great new subscription business selling a convenient, all-in-one cat litter tray solution.  The idea is fabulous: each month a new tray arrives, made from waterproofed, lined cardboard, complete with a bag of organic, natural silica litter.  The customer simply opens up the box, unpacks the litter and puts down for the cat to use.  The litter stays COMPLETELY odour-free for one month.  At the end of each month, when a new kitty litter box arrives, the customer simply folds down the old one and places it in the usual rubbish collection.  The used litter trays completely biodegrade to nothing in landfill.

The eco-friendly service helps to keep homes odour-free and means that people no longer have to go out and buy big bags of cat litter.

The owner of Kitty Litter Box had done an amazing job with digital marketing already and she just needed a bit of extra help and advice, particularly with getting the most out of the time she was spending on social media.  As specialists in social media for pet businesses, we created an initial report, full of insight and recommendations, which she could follow in her own time.  We spent time improving engagement and building up the Kitty Litter Box Instagram account as well as managing an online social media competition using the platform Gleam.  The competition significantly increased likes, followers and engagement on social media channels. We also ensured that entrants into the competition signed up to the Kitty Litter Box email newsletter  and answered a few short survey questions that the owner of Kitty Litter Box can use in her marketing.

For further information about using social media for pet businesses, please visit our blog post, “Social media for the pet industry in 2020“.

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