K9 Bridle


The K9 Bridle has proved to give amazing results by stopping dogs pulling on the lead.  It gives the dog signals that it can easily understand without twisting its neck or riding up into its eyes.  No strength is required by the handler making it ideal for people with disabilities.  Also works well to curb aggression because eye contact is lowered briefly when a command is given, defusing a confrontation with other dogs.  Recommended and used by many rescue centres, dog trainers and vets.

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Calm dogs, relaxed owners, happy walks!

  • Total effortless control, ideal for people anyone struggling with a pulling dog, including those with disabilities
  • Stops pulling – guaranteed
  • Back of neck control point where it is needed most unlike most head collars where the control point is under the chin, pulling the dog’s head sideways
  • Keeps the back, neck and head safely aligned
  • Does not ride over eyes or mouth or interfere with your dog’s breathing
  • Helps to check aggression because eye contact is lowered briefly when a command is given which can defuse a confrontation with other dogs
  • Five sizes – sizes available for any breed
  • No discomfort or chafing – made with soft tubing rather than flat, hard-edged strips of material
  • Quick Delivery: despatched within 24 hours on Royal Mail First Class post – usually arrives the day after ordering
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