Pet owner surveys that create unqiue content & value for customers

Pet owner surveys - labradors that pull

Pet owner surveys that create unqiue content & value for customers

Pet owner surveys that create unqiue content & value for customers 1024 683 RachelRodgers

Back in March 2019, Hairy Dog Marketing carried out pet owner surveys on behalf of our client, k9 bridle, asking recent k9 bridle customers three questions:

  • Was the k9 bridle successful in stopping your dog from pulling on the lead?
  • What breed of dog did you buy the k9 bridle for?
  • Would you recommend the k9 bridle to friends and family?

The results of the survey were outstanding, with 94% of respondents saying that the k9 bridle was successful and 96% would recommend it. The breed for which most customers bought the k9 bridle was the Labrador. When advertising or promoting a product, it helps to segment the audience right down to target advertising directly to a small sector of customers and potential customers. Focusing on a small target market means that we could create very specific content that would be of value to this audience.

Targeted campaigns focusing on specific breeds

Having carried out promotion relating to the excellent survey results, we began to think about a new campaign that would focus on owners of different breeds of dog, starting with the Labrador. This would enable us to send very specific knowledge-led information out to owners that would add value and not be “just advertising”.

The k9 bridle is an aid to help dogs to walk on the lead without pulling, and we want the brand to come across as a knowledge leader in the field of training dogs to walk on the lead. We therefore decided to create an article that would give Labrador owners exclusive breed-specific information about how to train their dogs not to pull. However, we didn’t want the article to become just another dog training article to match the hundreds of others currently available online.

Pet owner surveys to create unique content

So how could we make it different? Then it became clear – social media makes it possible to reach hundreds of people very quickly and also enables users to create pet owner surveys and polls as well as invite comments. Using information obtained using a combination of polls and questions directly to Labrador owners on social media, we were able to get the opinions and useful comments, hints and tips from owners, walkers and trainers. We had well over 500 respondents and we decided to make the article more valuable to readers by presenting the results of the polls and expanding on the information given to us by respondents to the polls and questions. We investigated the training methods they described to add more detail and also looked into a number of other issues, including the dangers of dogs pulling on the lead and why dogs pull in the first place.

Ebook – how to stop Labradors pulling on the lead in 2019

The result was a 20-page ebook entitled “How are Labrador owners in 2019 managing pulling on the lead?”. This would be unique content, unavailable elsewhere online and would present the results of a survey about how other Labrador owners stop their dogs from pulling. We included quotes, hints and tips from owners, professional dog walkers and trainers, training methods that owners find successful and details about training aids that other owners have used that worked. The document is an up-to-date, relevant, partly user-generated guide to stopping Labradors from pulling on the lead in 2019.

The ebook is now available online and we will report the results of this campaign as they come in. We can then focus on our next target market – spaniel owners!

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