Pet Marketing For Small Businesses

Pricing Packages

Click on the Price Package Headings below for full pricing and pet marketing package information.  All package contracts currently run on a pay as you go basis with either party able to cancel with one month’s notice.

Bronze Package: £100 Per Month

Our lowest price pet marketing package is only £100 per month.  On the bronze package I can run one social media channel for you.  This option will provide you with 5 to 7 posts per week and any marketing advice required by email.

Silver Package: £200 per month.

Priced at £200 per month, the Silver Pet Marketing Package includes one of the following:

  1. The management of two social media channels.
  2. The implemenatation and monitoring of Pay Per Click (PPC).
  3. SEO for your website, working on optimising your content to attract more visitors to your website. This option may include blog posts if required.

Again, I will be on hand at any time via email to offer help and advice.

Please note:  The actual PPC advertising costs are on top of the package price but will always be agreed in advance.

Gold Packages: £400 +

Gold Packages start at £400 up, depending on the work you require.  At the £400 minimum, I will manage 2 social media channels, build and run your SEO and PPC campaigns and write at least 2 blog posts.  I will be available at any time for full telephone support and advice.  Obivously, any of these options can be swapped out for any other services I offer, such as copywriting, design, photography, photoshop services etc.  For more information, please see our “Services” page.

Any extra work is priced at £100 per day (8 hours).

Please note: PPC advertising costs are on top of the package price but will always be agreed in advance.

Working With You...

Pet Marketing Initial Meeting
Pet marketing report
Pet marketing - you choose

1. Initial Meeting To Discuss Your Pet Marketing Needs

We’ll meet or call you, free of charge, to discuss your pet marketing requirements, your target market, your product or service, your competitors and your goals for the business.

We’ll talk about what is working well already, you need help with and what you would like to achieve.

We’ll also have a look at some of the options you have available.

2. Detailed Marketing Report With Recommendations

We’ll create a detailed marketing report with recommendations to include:

1. A summary of the initial meeting
2. Further research that we carry out free of charge
3. A summary of recommendations

All in language that you can understand!

3. Your Choice

Your choose what to do next.

  • Either we can select a price package & work on selected aspects of the marketing plan together
  • Or you use it in-house with no charge

We’ll provide full training if you need to learn how to implement any of our marketing recommendations.

What have you got to lose?