Marketing For Pet Products & Businesses: Our Customers

We specialise in marketing for pet products and pet businesses in the UK.  We’ve been delighted to work with the following customers, all very different, but all members of the UK pet industry.

The Natural Pet Store

Hairy Dog Marketing Customer

The Natural Pet Store

We’re delighted to be working with The Natural Pet Store, a one-stop-shop for eco-friendly pet owners that wish to buy natural, chemical-free products for their pets.
We are working with the owner in preparation for a big launch in early 2020. We’re assisting with the branding and defining the company brand message and personality. We’ve set up social media channels and are in the process of writing a social media content plan. This will involve building up momentum, followers and engagement in anticipation of the launch. We have a lot of exciting competitions and offers planned!
We’re undertaking a lot of SEO work and content writing for the website and building up a library of images.
All of this work will be tied into a big launch campaign that will involve the trade press and social media influencers. It’s a very big but exciting project!

Training Lines

Marketing for pet products - customers

Training Lines

We’re very excited to be working with new clients Training Lines, a wonderful online dog training (and cat & Horse training) online store.
If you are into positive training methods, you’ll love their website!
We’ll be helping Training Lines with the mechanics of SEO, marketing for pet products and looking at some PPC advertising to promote selected items further.

Three Counties Dog Rescue

“Rachel from Hairy Dog Marketing has offered us some good advice and made some recommendations about how to move forward. It’s very reassuring to have an experienced marketing manager from a Pet Marketing Agency overseeing our marketing, making sure that we get the best value from our marketing efforts.”

Marketing for pet products - customers

Three Counties Dog Rescue

We’re delighted to be giving marketing support to Three Counties Dog Rescue, a charity that has rehomed over 6000 animals since its establishment in 1971.
Their priorities for online marketing are to find owners for the dogs in their care and to ensure that potential donors or supporters can find them easily, as well as being easily available for dogs that need rehoming.
We’re offering social media support, Google Analytics insights, PPC (pay per click) monitoring and SEO (search engine optimisation).

K9 Organics

Pet Marketing Agency Customer

K9 Organics hand-make and sell 100% organic dog shampoos, conditioner and other sprays and grooming products.
K9 Organics have a great website and some very good wholesale customers. As with most small businesses, they need help with building up business on their website. We started by putting in place the building blocks of search engine optimisation (SEO). Then, once the traffic started coming in, we looked at improving conversions.
We also worked on building engagement and followers on the K9 Organics social media channels and spent time adding and finalising bits and pieces on their website that needed sorting out.

K9 Bridle

“K9 Bridles were selling well due to shows and word of mouth recommendation, but we needed a greater online presence. As my skills do not lie in digital marketing, I approached Hairy Dog Marketing to help build up my business online. They did some impressive research and immediately knew where to help. I’m delighted to say that sales increased by 50% and are still growing due to the excellent work they carried out.”

Ann Hemming, K9 Bridle

Hairy Dog Marketing customer

Hairy Dog Marketing Customers – k9 bridle

K9 Bridle is an established brand, specialising in headcollars that stop dogs pulling on the lead. The owner has successfully built up the business through traditional marketing but the brand needed more presence online.

After extensive research, we concentrated on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This ensured that the K9 Bridle website started to appear higher up the search engine results pages. We also started a programme of Pay Per Click advertising which instantly increased sales.

We are now working on writing good quality content that will bring people to the website on its own merit. We recently completed a Labrador feature that allows us to target labrador owners specifically.  The results have been outstanding.

Sales have now increased by 25% and are still improving.

Doddle for Dogs

“I was struggling to get my Doddle dog collars in front of potential customers and needed help with the website and online selling. I asked Hairy Dog Marketing to help. The research they did was very detailed and enlightening. They went on to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) work for me and then some PPC advertising. Website visits more than doubled within a very short space of time and I was delighted with the results and the support they offered.

What’s really great about Hairy Dog Marketing compared to other marketing agencies is that they have stands at the major dog events throughout the year and sell my Doddle products at these as well.”

Sally Pattie, Doddle For Dogs

Hairy Dog Marketing customer

Hairy Dog Marketing Customers – Doddle for Dogs

The Doddle is a springy lead encased in a pod. It is supplied attached to a Doddle collar or attaches to the dog’s own harness. It’s an innovative product, relatively new to market.

Hairy Dog Marketing helped to raise awareness of the brand using a mixture of social media strategy , marketing for pet products and pay per click advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google. We also carried out SEO work on the website to ensure that people searching for the doddle could find it online.

Throughout the campaign, website visits increased by 162% and the website search engine rankings rose to being within the top 3 positions for selected search terms within a few months.

Milifiach Hebridean Sheep

“As a complete novice with anything to do with online marketing, I asked Hairy Dog Marketing to help us with selling our sheep and poultry. Our website may as well not have existed as no-one could find it. Rachel worked hard to optimise the site and we are now near the top of the search rankings in most areas. She also built me a facebook page and spent many hours teaching me how to use it! We now have many followers from across the country and have sold all our available animals and birds this year, as well as hiring out all our rams. Brilliant!”

Alan Raynor, Milifiach Hebridean Sheep

Hairy Dog Marketing Customer

Milifiach Hebridean Sheep Farm is a small sheep and poultry farm in South Lincolnshire. They were successfully selling sheep, poultry and eggs to people who already knew about them but were struggling to get their name out to a wider audience.

We carried out a lot of optimisation work on the website to bring the site to the top of the search engine rankings and created a facebook page. We then carried out social media training so that the owners could carry out their own social media marketing, which they have done very successfully.

Orchard House Boarding Kennels

“I contacted Hairy Dog Marketing to help with my new boarding kennel business. I had created my own website but it just wasn’t showing up in any of the local Google searches.
Rachel was pleased to help and within a couple of weeks Orchard House Boarding Kennels was top of the Google rankings for our area, despite only operating for a few months.
Excellent marketing knowledge and very friendly and helpful. Couldn’t recommend Hairy Dog Marketing enough!”

Marketing for pet products

Claire at Orchard House Kennels had done a lot of the hard work in building a website. However, she had no idea how to optimise the site so that people searching for a boarding kennel in her area would find it.
We helped by creating a Google My Biusiness profile and encouraging Claire to ask customers to leave reviews on Google. This is an extremely effective way of quickly improving your Google ranking.
We also helped with other bits and pieces on her website and soon she was ranking above much more established boarding kennels in her area.

Rusca Farm Sheepdogs

We were considering branching out into offering sheepdog experience days but we didn’t know where to start! We asked Rachel to help us look into it all.
She produced an extremely comprehensive market research document listing existing sheepdog experience day suppliers, what they offered and their prices. She also looked into all sorts of marketing options for us, such as advertising through one of the established experience day suppliers or in the local tourist magazines. This meant that we could cost up the venture to see if it would be an option for us.
In the end we decided against it, but we’re very grateful for the research that Rachel carried out.
Sue & Richard Little