Marketing Campaigns For Pet Businesses


Marketing Campaigns For Pet Businesses

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As a relatively small family team, we needed someone with experience in the management of marketing campaigns for pet businesses to build up the business online. Rachel has acted as our on-demand digital marketing manager, offering lots of advice and support, helping to turn our marketing ideas into reality.
She works on our SEO, PR, social media, online competitions & giveaways and recently managed a big promotional campaign to launch our quest for MIMSafe brand ambassadors that has been a huge success. We’re pleased that she’s now part of the team.

About MIMSafe UK

MIMSafe UK is the UK distributor of Sweden-based MIMSafe pet transportation dog crates and other products.  MIMSafe dog crates are very strong, secure, fully crash tested and crush proof, and are popular with dog owners in the gundog, dog sports and dog showing worlds. The brand is relatively new to the UK so MIMSafe UK needed to build up brand awareness within its target markets as well as increase sales.
We’re experienced at running marketing campaigns for pet businesses and we’ve managed a range of different campaigns for MIMSafe UK, the most successful being the brand ambassador scheme.  They needed 50 brand ambassadors with influence in different areas of the dog world to promote the MIMSafe VarioCage to their contacts.  Not only did they find the 50 ambassadors within a few weeks, but the number of enquiries from potential customers interested in the VarioCage went through the roof.  In one month alone, they had 3626 website visits from a spend of £277.86 on Facebook/Instagram advertising, reaching 107,841 individuals.  The advertising was highly targeted and very relevant, which is why it was so successful.  It was also a great way of promoting a product indirectly, with an area of interest to the target market that didn’t involve having to buy anything, which is always better than adverts that offer nothing of value to potential customers.

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