Low Cost Marketing for Pet Businesses: Unique, Targeted Content

Low cost marketing

Low Cost Marketing for Pet Businesses: Unique, Targeted Content

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We find that one of the most successful low cost marketing strategies for pet products is the use of pay per click (PPC) advertising. A number of platforms offer this, primarily search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, and social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are also other less-well-known options – even Amazon now has a PPC option!
The secret about keeping costs right down is using the following two rules:

  1. Select EXACTLY the right audience for your content.
  2. Write content that is unique, interesting and of value to that audience.

The Right Audience

Most PPC advertising platforms will enable you to target people with very specific interests, such as an interest in a specific dog breed. Therefore, somehow, you need to create a blog post, an article, an ebook or any sort of content that will be extremely relevant to the very specific group of people that you choose to target.

Social Media Polls

One of the most exciting and easy-to-use features that has appeared on social media in recent times is the ability to run polls. You can use these polls to create unique content that arouses the interest of specific breed owners.
For instance, for K9 Bridle, we know that Labradors are one of the worst breeds for pulling on the lead so we wanted to start by targeting Labrador owners. We joined Labrador facebook groups and used hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. We asked Labrador owners in these groups how they deal with their dogs that pull.

The options in the poll were:
• Train using the heel position training technique
• Train using the loose lead training method
• Use a headcollar
• Use a harness
• Trian using a slip lead
• Never been able to train their dog not to pull on the lead
• Other (add in comments)

We had a fantastic response with over 500 Labrador owners responding to the poll. We also had some really useful comments and some new methods and tips that we had never heard of before!
A side-effect of this process is that you can use the comments section below the poll to promote your pet product or service to people directly by sending links to relevant pages on your website.

Unique, interesting and user-generated content

But the best way of using these polls is to write something that other Labrador owners will find really interesting and useful It needs to solve their problem. We wrote this ebook (Link to https://hairydogmarketing.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/How-do-I-stop-my-Lab-pulling-on-the-lead.pdf)
It describes why Labradors pull, the many disadvantages of allowing a dog to pull, and the training methods mentioned in the survey. Most importantly, it shows the results of the survey. It shows Labrador owners how other people just like them are dealing with their dogs that pull, and promises to help them with their own dog using trainer and owner hints and tips.
We generated so much information from the surveys that we ended up writing a 20-page article, but it’s not necessary to write that much if you have less time. As long as the content you write is a minimum of 350 words and includes attractive images, it will be enough.

Low cost marketing

Ask for reviews

Alongside the polls, we also appealed to Labrador owners that have successfully used the k9 bridle to stop their dogs pulling. We asked if they could write a quick review and send in a photo of their dog and to thank them for taking the time and trouble, we sent them a free lead to match their bridle.

Setting up PPC advertising

So, you now have content on your website revealing the results of your survey and reviews of your product used by your particular target audience. You now have an amazing, very targeted landing page on your website to send people that click on your advert.

Why does it need to be so targeted?

This is key to low cost marketing. The more relevant your content, the more people will click and the more people click, the lower your cost per click.

Low cost marketing – extremely low cost advertising

For instance, with our K9 Bridle Labrador feature, we set up adverts on Facebook and Instagram. We targeted people with an interest in Labradors and people who are professional dog walkers. So far, we have chosen to run the advert for two days, but in those two days:

• The advert was seen by 1405 people
• Of the 1405 people, 99 clicked on the link (a high conversion rate)
• The cost was only £0.06 per click

We only spent £6.25 in total but the week we ran the advert, we sold the most k9 bridles so far in 2019! We have the advert ready to turn on at the click of a button then turn off just as quickly. You can run for as long or as little time as you wish and you can control exactly what you spend.
So, remember, select the right audience and build content that is unique, interesting, user-generated and helpful.

If you’d like us to help you build a successful, low cost PPC advertising campaign, please contact us on hairydogmarketing@gmail.com

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