The importance of images in marketing

the importance of images in marketing

The importance of images in marketing

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The importance of images in marketing, (or any visual content), should never be overlooked. Images, video, infographics and diagrams serve a number of purposes and their selection and creation should be carefully thought out.

The human brain processes images 600 times more quickly than words. If information is read out to people, they are only likely to remember 10% of what they heard after 3 days. However, if the information is accompanied by a relevant image, they retain 65% of the information after 3 days.

Always accompany online text with visual content

There is now so much content available online, don’t even think about posting on social media or writing a blog without an accompanying image because it will just get lost in the “blurb”. Images make your content stand out, and they help to make people take notice of what you have to say.

Different types of visual content

1. Images

We have learnt never to forget about the importance of images in marketing. The golden rule we follow is to try and make sure that our images sum up our blog post, article, social media post or other content. We have to assume that people won’t stop to read all the words we write, but if they take in the image, even subconsciously, and retain the information that you are trying to impart, then wonderful! It may be enough to jog their memory next time they need your product or arouse their interest enough to go back and look again.

Unless you have a large marketing budget, it is unlikely that you will be able to pay for the exact stock image that you need every time you post something. We’d recommend learning how to use Photoshop or one of the other photo editing platforms so that you can create the image you need yourself.

Additionally, every time you use the image, it will need resizing slightly to ensure that it displays correctly on all the different web and social platforms.

If you’re unable to do this, we can help you by creating any images you need.

2. Video

Images are wonderful but video is often even better and has a great many uses, including:

• Explaining how something works
• Video testimonials (asking your customers to comment on video)
• Showing your product or service being used successfully
• Showing your product or service being used by a really cute animal (the ahhh factor)

Just the image of a video sitting there with the triangle “play” button is often enough to pique people’s interest to see what it’s about. And any type of engagement is really, really good. It will help to ensure that people remember what you want to get across, or even just remember your brand.

Although professionally filmed videos will always be best, a video filmed on a phone is often better than nothing, particularly if a customer or client has filmed it and sent it in. For example, we always repost videos sent in by the customers of K9 bridle, one of our clients.

Sometimes, if you identify an issue that your customers are having problems with, then video can be used to explain the solution more quickly and easily than writing it all out. You can then add the video to the website, to refer other people to, that may be asking the same questions.

The golden rule when using video is to keep them short. Under 30 seconds if possible.

3. Infographics

Infographics are a way of displaying information visually in a way that is more easily understood and remembered. They tend to show a lot of information around a particular topic and may use icons, symbols or representations.

Google “infographic” and see what comes up. We can help you create infographics if you need any.

4. Diagrams, charts and graphs

These are a great way of quickly summing up any data, processes, interrelationships etc. For instance, survey data can be brilliantly summed up in a graph and the process in which you work with customers can often be summed up in a diagram.

5. Virtual reality and augmented reality

It is worth thinking about how VR or AR could be used in your business. The cost of creating AR and VR content is gradually coming down and it may be the ideal way to demonstrate your product to customers, particularly if you have a really innovative product that’s based on new technology.

Images and digital marketing

The importance of images in marketing is increasing continuously in the area of SEO (search engine optimisation). Search engines and other software can now identify items on images and display relevant images in the search engine results pages.

2019 has been labelled by some as the year for visual search. People can now point their phone at an item and ask Google to search for it, with no written explanation of the item needed. Imagine how many opportunities you could miss out on if you don’t accommodate this function by using images alongside your content.

Image search

Images search results – have you ever tried to search on Google and clicked on the “images” tab? It will display relevant images from relevant articles. Even if your verbal content isn’t outstanding enough to get you to page one, you may still be ranking on page one on the Images searches.

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