Google or Facebook Ads?

Google or Facebook Ads?

A question we are often asked, once people have decided they want to do some Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, is which platform should we advertise on? Google or Facebook Ads? Or any other advert platforms? How do you choose which to use?

Although the two platforms are very similar, there are very different circumstances in which you should use each one. As a very first step in the decision-making process, we’ve defined the main differences.

Search Engine PPC Advertising

Google Ads (or Bing, Amazon or any of the other search engines) target people that are ALREADY SEARCHING for your product. Your adverts, if they are relevant enough, will appear in the search engine results pages.

The best circumstances in which to use Google Ads are, therefore:

  • When you have carried out keyword research and you can see that keywords for your product have a high number of searches each month.
  • When your type of product or service is very well known so that people know exactly what to type in.
  • When your product or service is a solution to a specific problem about which people are searching in Google.

Social Media PPC Advertising

Social Media advertising, by contrast, will, on the whole, appears in front of people who ARE NOT SEARCHING for it. (Depending on the type of adverts that you select). The adverts will appear in people’s social media feeds, or alongside other posts, as people are going about their daily online activities.

Therefore, the best circumstances in which to use social media advertising are:

  • When you have a product that is difficult to describe on a search engine
  • When it’s a completely new product and people don’t know it exists (and therefore can’t search for it)
  • When the item is a luxury that you want to tempt people into buying
  • When the item is an ideal impulse buy (often an unusual, low-cost item)

I find that thinking about the choice on these terms will quickly enable you to come to the correct decision. You can then focus on building your ads! For more about this, please see our blog post: PAY PER CLICK (PPC) ADVERTISING FOR YOUR PET BUSINESS

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