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K9 Bridle

Digital Marketing For Pet Businesses

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Digital marketing for pet businesses

“K9 Bridles were selling well due to shows and word of mouth recommendation, but we needed a greater online presence. As my skills do not lie in digital marketing, I approached Hairy Dog Marketing to help build up my business online. They did some impressive research and immediately knew where to help. They carried out a lot of search engine optimisation on our website including some great, very breed-specific articles that still rank top of the Google rankings.
I’m delighted to say that sales increased by 50% and are still growing due to the excellent work they carried out.”

About K9 Bridle

K9 Bridle is an established brand, specialising in headcollars that stop dogs pulling on the lead. The owner has successfully built up the business through traditional marketing but the brand needed help with online marketing.  She approached us as specialists in digital marketing for pet businesses.
After extensive research, we concentrated on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This ensured that the K9 Bridle website started to appear higher up the search engine results pages. We also started a programme of Pay Per Click advertising which instantly increased sales.
We are now working on writing good quality content that will bring people to the website on its own merit. We recently completed a Labrador feature that allows us to target labrador owners specifically. The results have been outstanding.
Sales have now increased by 25% and are still improving.

For more information about digital marketing for pet businesses and writing great content that will get you to the top of the search engine rankings, see our blog post: “Low cost marketing for pet businesses: unique, targeted content.”

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