Copywriting For Pet Businesses

Copywriting for pet businesses

Copywriting For Pet Businesses

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Copywriting for pet businesses and services is the art of writing content about your pet product or service that persuades and tempts customers to make a purchase. It’s like having lots of salespeople all in one place. Salespeople will go out and contact one potential customer at a time but good copywriting and intelligent placement on the many different marketing platforms reaches many potential customers all at once.
There are several aspects to writing good copy, from what to actually include in the copy that will persuade potential customers to buy your products to how to write it. How to write content varies according to the platform that you are writing for.

What to write about

When copywriting for pet businesses, we follow the guidelines below. Keeping these points in mind should help you to write compelling content about your product or service.

  1. Always start with a description that tells people about your pet product or service.
  2. Explain what is unique about the product – what makes it different from your competitors
  3. Describe the number one benefit that this product offers
  4. Demonstrate the potential customer’s problem or issue that this product alleviates
  5. Provide detail about the features of the product and the benefits of each feature

How much detail you give to each point depends on the marketing channel for which you are writing. For instance, on a website you may want all of this information briefly on the home page, then go into more details on separate pages, but in a press release, you would want to condense this information in as little as 200 words. And in your social media profile descriptions, you would need to try and get at least the first 4 points into as little as 280 characters.

What is the purpose of the content?

This is more technical than it appears and there should always be a main purpose for writing each piece of content.

For example, you may notice that your website is not performing very well for a certain product or phrase in the search engine results. The main reason for writing your next blog post could therefore be to improve your search engine optimisation for a selected key phrase to bring more traffic to your website. (See out article “Why Do I Need A Blog For My Pet Business?

Or you may wish to reach out to a certain narrow sector of your target market, for example, owners of a particular dog breed. Your content would, therefore, need to be all about how your product or service would benefit that particular group of customers.

Once you have a purpose for your content, it is much easier to write.

How to write the content

How to write the content refers to the way that the content is structured. When we are copywriting for pet businesses, we will always vary the content according to the platform for which we are writing:

Website Copywriting

Every page on your website should ideally be written with one key phrase in mind. For instance, if you sell dog shampoo, then you will need at least one page on your website that will be optimised for the phrase “dog shampoo”. You might sell many different types of dog shampoo and therefore Ideally you would need a page that is optimised for each product that you sell as well as the general “dog shampoo” page. For example, you might need a page optimised for “Sensitive dog shampoo” and another for “Aloe vera dog shampoo” and so on.

Additionally, it’s important to structure web copy so that readers, usually in a rush, with so much online content being pushed at them, will be able to scan the page and see your key points without reading the page in detail. You will, therefore, need lots of subheadings and images. The right images can tell customers a lot more than great long paragraphs of writing.

Your web content should also link to other pages in your website, tempting visitors into reading more about your business, and should be at least 300 words in length. This will ensure that the page will be optimised for your chosen key phrase in the search engines.

Press Releases

The ideal length of a press release is approximately 300 – 400 words. Any longer and a busy editor will not have time to read it. Writing everything you need to include in 300 – 400 words can be a challenge.

You will need to sum up the entire release in the title and in a very short paragraph at the start of the release so that it is interesting enough to keep the editor reading.

Use subheadings and try and include at least one quote from someone involved in the subject, for example, a customer, your CEO or a supplier.

At the end of the article, give a word count (the number of words in the article) and add a paragraph titled “Notes to the Editor” that explains a little bit about your business, such as where you are located, the number of employees and your main products or services. This gives the editor a bit of background information about your business that may not have been included in the release.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are usually written in a more relaxed, informal way and are a great way of getting your brand personality across.

As in all web copy, decide on a keyword or phrase to optimise the article for. Our article “What should I write in my blog post” will explain more about what to write.

In terms of structure, use subheadings, and ensure that it the blog is at least 300 words.

Use images and check that, if someone only glances quickly at your page, they will see what you want them to see.

Social Media Posts

Social media is social. There is nothing social about standing in a room, shouting about how great your products are and not listening to anyone else. Social media works in the same way. Never use social media just to talk about your products. You need to be part of the conversation and your posts need to provide interesting or helpful content to your target market.

Social media posts need to be engaging, giving people a reason to read them. When copywriting for pet businesses, this is easier because pets are such engaging animals. Pictures of animals using your product or service work brilliantly, with accompanying posts using the animal’s name and a bit about them.

Social media posts are much more about the image that the words. Be friendly, follow the rules:

  • Be nice – always
  • Don’t talk politics
  • Don’t include anything sexual
  • If you’re not sure whether to post something or not, don’t post it

Advertising Copy

Advertising copy can be much more blatantly “salesy”. Ensure that it features all or most of the points in the above section “What to write about”.
Use bullet points to highlight your key features and benefits. Use images where possible to demonstrate the point you wish to make or use infographics rather than listing information or data.

Ensure that, at a glance, people will see everything you want them to see. Images help people to remember things much more easily than words alone.

Advertising copy is used on banners, leaflets, brochures, exhibition displays, print adverts, digital adverts, billboards and so on…. The list is very long and we can help with what you will need on each.

PR Articles

Articles written for magazines or the trade press need to much less “salesy” and only very subtly promote your product. For example, if you sell pet food, you may want to write an article for a pet health magazine that will help to teach readers about pet nutrition and what their animals need in each meal. You can follow briefly follow it up with pointing out that all your foods include everything their animal needs for maximum nutritional value.

Or if you sell dog toys, you could write about the importance of play to help dogs bond with their owner, and relieve boredom. You could then talk about a couple of your items that would be ideal for the activities you mentioned.

With magazines losing readers to the internet, editors are often very pleased to be offered an article or piece of writing about a topic that could interest their readers. As long as the articles are not too promotional, they may well include them. This is a great way of getting your brand free publicity as well as demonstrating your knowledge and expertise about the subject. People are more likely to buy from experts.

This was supposed to be a short article about copywriting for pet businesses, but there is so much to write about! I hope it helps and if you need any more information about writing for different platforms, please get in touch! We can help by either writing it for you or giving you the training to enable you to do it for yourself.

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