Local Search Marketing For Pet Businesses

Local search marketing for pet businesses

“I contacted Hairy Dog Marketing to help with my new boarding kennel business. I had created my own website but it just wasn’t showing up in any of the local Google searches. With her experience of local search marketing for pet businesses, Rachel was pleased to help and within a couple of weeks, Orchard House … Read more

Market Research For Dog Training Businesses

market research for dog training businesses

We were considering branching out into offering sheepdog experience days but we didn’t know where to start! We knew that Rachel had carried out market research for dog training businesses so we asked her to help us look into it all. She produced an extremely comprehensive market research document listing existing sheepdog experience day suppliers, … Read more

Social Media For Livestock Businesses

Social media for livestock businesses

“As a complete novice with anything to do with online marketing, I asked Hairy Dog Marketing, who are experienced at offering support in social media for livestock businesses, to help us with selling our sheep and poultry. Our website may as well not have existed as no-one could find it and we didn’t have any … Read more

Improving Brand Awareness For Pet Businesses

Improving brand awareness for pet businesses

I was struggling to get my Doddle dog collars in front of potential customers and needed help with the website and online selling. Seeing that they were recommended for improving brand awareness for dog businesses, I asked Hairy Dog Marketing to help. The research they did was very detailed and enlightening. They went on to … Read more

Digital Marketing For Pet Businesses

Digital marketing for pet businesses

“K9 Bridles were selling well due to shows and word of mouth recommendation, but we needed a greater online presence. As my skills do not lie in digital marketing, I approached Hairy Dog Marketing to help build up my business online. They did some impressive research and immediately knew where to help. They carried out … Read more

Marketing Campaigns For Pet Businesses

Marketing campaigns for pet businesses

As a relatively small family team, we needed someone with experience in the management of marketing campaigns for pet businesses to build up the business online. Rachel has acted as our on-demand digital marketing manager, offering lots of advice and support, helping to turn our marketing ideas into reality. She works on our SEO, PR, … Read more

Social Media For Pet Businesses

Social Media for pet businesses

“I worked with Hairy Dog Marketing for a short while just to get some good pet-specific marketing advice and guidance. Rachel’s initial free report was interesting and very useful and she gave me some good ideas for new projects and promotions. Her experience in running social media for pet businesses proved invaluable. She ran a … Read more

SEO For Pet Businesses

SEO for pet businesses

“Hairy Dog are a pleasure to work with and provide lots of ideas to improve our visibility to potential customers. Not just traditional things like SEO and PPC campaigns, but other useful snippets and insights too, that will continue to help us get more out of the marketing activities we already do.”
Neil Wells, Owner.

About Training Lines

Training Lines is a successful eCommerce store selling training and play equipment that promotes positive training methods.  They came to us, after reading about how we can improve SEO for pet businesses, to assist in their digital marketing and to ultimately improve sales online.

We carried out a full online audit, looking at the Training Lines website, social media channels and other outlets as well as their competitors.  As specialists in SEO for pet businesses, it quickly became clear to us that Training Lines were not ranking high enough for many of their key product categories.  We assisted the business with the mechanics of optimising content for improved search engine rankings.  This involved carrying out extensive keyword research into key categories for promotion, writing web copy and offering specific advice about how to apply these SEO principles to all areas of the website. We also created and managed PPC advertising to promote selected items further.

We’re delighted to say that Google rankings for key product categories improved significantly, moving from pages 4 or 5 to the first page in many key product areas.  Additionally, the Facebook and Instagram pay per click advertising resulted that we carried out on behalf of Training Lines led to low costs per click and very high levels of traffic clicking through to the website.

What is SEO? For more information about what Search Engine Optimisation is and how you can improve your search engine rankings, please see our blog post, “Search Engine Optimisation for pet businesses explained.”

Marketing For Dog Charities

Marketing for dog charities

“We needed a specialist in marketing for dog charities and Rachel from Hairy Dog Marketing has offered us some good advice and made some recommendations about how to move forward. It’s very reassuring to have an experienced marketing manager from a Pet Marketing Agency overseeing our marketing, making sure that we get the best value from our marketing efforts.”

Max Mauchline
Marketing for dog charities

Three Counties Dog Rescue

We’re delighted to support with marketing for dog charities and have been pleased to help Three Counties Dog Rescue with recommendations for reaching individual breed enthusiasts and improving pay per click advertising. Three Counties Dog Rescue has rehomed over 6000 animals since its establishment in 1971.
Their priorities for online marketing are to find owners for the dogs in their care and to ensure that potential donors or supporters can find them easily, as well as being easily available for dogs that need rehoming.
We’re offering social media support, Google Analytics insights, PPC (pay per click) monitoring and SEO (search engine optimisation).

To find out more about Search Engine Optimisation, a great way to increase website traffic and cut back on pay per click advertising, read our blog post “Search Engine Optimisation for pet businesses explained.